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Lowering Training Volume for Stasis/Taper PCT

So I’m nearing the end of my first cycle of 500mg test enth for 10 weeks. It’s been great, size and strength are way up and no significant sides.

My question is in regards to tapering down training volume around/during PCT. I’ve hear some advise people to lower their volume during their last week of the cycle if they’re going to do a traditional SERM PCT so they are somewhat rested and recovered when their test levels drop.

I’m going to do the stasis/taper PCT and wanted to know what you would recommend in terms of when to lower my training volume? Should I lower it the last (10th) week of the cycle or the 11th week when I’m starting to run 100mg for the stasis phase? Or just keep the volume up and go by how I feel?

This is probably a highly individual thing but I thought I’d check to see what your experiences were.


You’re still going to have a good amount of extra Test floating around in that 11th week. I’m no personal trainer, but I would lower my volume sometime around that week. I would still lift as heavy as possible.

Maybe Brook or some of the other guys can chime in with some useful advice.

Thankyou devil, your trust is appreciated :slight_smile:

Trainwreck… I can tell you what i did when i cycled, and what i might suggest professionally, but understand there is no “protocol” or set standard for when one might change training intensity as such following a cycle.

Anyway, i would have to say that i still see gains well into stasis (or PCT, depending on method of recovery) with the long estered anabolics. This means IMO that training should mirror that… as strength, energy and importantly MOTIVATION allow… then hit the weights. It is personal for each of us, but IME the big dip will begin the first week of the taper. I personally would want to make sure i was one step ahead of the drop in output, but this is largely only possible from trail and error experience. Anyway, listen to your body and make a physical or at least a mental note of how you react.

That said, it would be prudent to taper training during the stasis… To what you may ask?

In my opinion - and this is by no means the only way - i like to drop to a 2 day split done 3-4x a week. Maybe 4x/wk during the stasis and 3x/wk during the taper and for the next 2-3 weeks.
So the bodypart freq. is 1.5-2x/week. Obviously the volume per-bodypart per-workout is lower than normal and what you might use is not really suggestible by me at this point, because is it purely relative to what you do on cycle and off cycle… But make sure you drop either volume or frequency. The load will drop naturally… and i find that one of the most important things to look out for when overtraining is one of the things to ignore when coming off steroids. This is motivation. Motivation drops when one is overtraining and it the best time to skip a workout or a week of workouts.
When one comes off gear, motivation will drop… however it is important to make sure time is spent at the gym. If you are dropping from 6 days a week to 4 or from 5 to 3… make sure you go all (4 or 3) days… even if motivation is low. Make a lower volume/freq/stress workout plan and stick to it. Motivation will lower anyway making it an untrustworthy marker during this time. IME. :wink:

Another tip - i like to switch to a different loading scheme - so… from the regular 4-9 reps or 6-12 reps on cycle, switch to a 15-20 rep range, or maybe a 12-15 range or something (which is a good thing to do periodically IME anyway). This not only gives you a break from very heavy weights when your body needs it most due to the high level of cortisol, but also disguises the drop in strength as you will be using lighter weights anyway.

Psychologically when the lifts drop so suddenly after a cycle it leads one to realise - or believe - that the lifts were only possible with the use of PED’s.
When this drop isnt experienced due to a well timed drop in load which reduces the weights anyway - masking the decrease in strength - it allows one to progress over the next 3 months by increasing the load, reducing the reps and building strength and it allows one to match the numbers lifted on cycle with no psychological barriers.

Cool huh? I found out this little gem myself. Thank me in cash or sex with your female family members.


Damn Brook, thanks for all the info! I’ll definitely take all of that into consideration. More or less, it is what I was planning on doing…dropping a day during the stasis and then probably dropping another day during the taper.

Increasing the rep range I didn’t think of however. That may help with the psychological aspect of being able to lift less weight but it would also be a break from the heavy, low rep training I’m doing on cycle.

But no I won’t pay you with sex with my female family members :wink: