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Lowering the Snatch Bar from Over Head


I have no problem snatching up to the top position but when I lower the bar I get an annoying clicking, bordering on painful, when my shoulders inernally rotate to bring the bar down past my head.

My external rotators are stong enough and I dont get this clicking problem when performing isolated external rotation work where the lower arm is stabilized, it seems to happen only when my whole arm is in the air and atleast at head height.

Thanks for any indication of what is happening here.


Are you letting the bar fall onto your thighs to absorb the weight, or are you doing almost a negative shoulder press? This is how I lower it:


drop it. If you dont have bumpers... shit.


dont lower it to the front. Lower it with a cushioning knee bend to your back and walk it into the rack. Or lower it to the back and then take your grip in to clean width and psh press it up and over into front squat top rack and then lower ah la clean.

But ideally, get bumper plate access.

In other news: whats happening is a type of shoulder impingement. Please avoid.



Thats a nice vid, although I catch on the thighs I certainly dont lower as quick and so must be trying to control it too much with my shoulders, negative shoulder press then into internal rotation using the external rotators to control the movement. I should try to drop quicker, I just had it my head that years ago I could lower it slowly?! Thanks


Yes I could go with shoulder impingements here, the left shoulder is worst than the right which would support this problem but the slow lowering as just discussed would certainly makes things worse too.