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Lowering Test Levels?

Hello All, it’s been a very long time since i posted but I used to be a regular, Hi to all the older members that remeber me and to the newer ones who don’t.

I am in a situation now where I am no longer looking to do and major cycles, but I do want to get onto TRT, it’s not easy to get on prescription TRT here in the UK, I have had one test level done so far which came back as 8.3 (normal range is 8.5-20) So I was just below normal range not enough to convince my doctor I need TRT.

So I am having another blood test done soon, if my levels are a bit lower this time he will probably prescribe me sustanon (which would be free on NHS)

So I need help to try and con my doctor and the good tax paying folk of Britain out of some test :slight_smile:

Is there any way I can lower my test levels before my blood test please?


EE been awhile indeed. The usual run of the mill stuff would be to deprive yourself of sleep significantly in the days leading up. As well as extra taxing exercise. Drink alcohol and smoke some MJ. Not sure I buy into the whole Soy thing but some believe in it.

Do you not have the connections you used to have? Admittedly its coming out of your pocket but 200mg/wk of test is pretty damn affordable.

Cheers saps, in terms of connections they have fallen like dominoes in recent months, I have a friend who works high up in customs and he has told me that due to the 2012 olympics they have massivley stepped up their efforts to stop anabolics coming in. I can still get but it would be nice to supplement my stock with some government funded gear.

There is a histamine H2-receptor antagonist with a generic name of cimetidine that loads up the P450 enzyme pathways in the liver, leaving less capacity to clear estrogens from the blood. Estrogens increase and the HPTA is repressed. It is on the shelf in the USA.

How you respond and time line is unknown. If it works you will feel it.

You can’t take a SERM to protect against gyno as that would open-loop your HPTA and increase LH&T. So there are some risks. Have a SERM on hand in case you decide to bail out. After your lab work you can stop the cimetidine use the SERM.



Thanks for the help guys

Thanks again guys just got back from the docs and my level was 6.5 this time so I am now waiting to see an endocronologist :slight_smile: