Lowering Test Level After Early Injection on TRT?

I injected my weekly 200mg cyp shot two days early and need bloods drawn tomorrow morning 10.22, is it possible to lower exogenous testosterone by morning? I don’t want to throw any red flags to my new endo. The levels will be drawn at the peak after this injection.

Very difficult, better say you are sick and dont go to the bloods.

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Nothing can help that now. You should be drawing labs at trough, trough levels are more important and this is when your doctor should be drawing labs.

How long have you been on TRT injecting your doses consistently?

I had to get them drawn today for other medical reasons. The levels will be very high but explainable. Thanks for the responses.

I’ve been on TRT for six months start at 140 then 180 now I’m up to 220 a week.

Labs came back over 2000, I didn’t think they would be that high. I did 220 test c on Tuesday 10/15 and 200 test c underground on Sunday 10/21.

Sounds about right to me

That’s basically 250mg/week. 220 + 200 six days later is 248.6 the first week.

What is a regular TRT dosage for a 225lb 31 year old male at 220mg a week? 500IU HCG two times a week. 1mg anastrolzole once a week? I want to be within a normal range and not too high. Oringinal blood tests before I started TRT were 75ngl and 97ngl before starting treatment. Thanks for any replies.

Normal dosage is whatever gets you there with the least chance of causing issues both present and down the road. I’m on 200mg myself. Drop the AI unless you want to wait until you crash your E2 and go through a month of hell. It took crashing for me but you could be more intelligent than I.

Height and weight don’t really matter.

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