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Lowering Test for a Blood Test


Not going to give my entire story but the basics are:

Test levels in the 300-600 range steadily. Feel okay but not great. Doc says its in the normal range so its fine.

The issue is, I am prescribed 100mg of test per week. I get EXACTLY this as a prescription. As in, 2 vials per month, each containing 200mg of test. If I screw up and contaminate a dose, I am shit out of luck.

Even if all goes well, I can only get about 90mg of the dose on average because of trying to get air bubbles out.

He won't prescribe anything else, unless I require a higher dose.

So, here I am asking how I can make my blood test show up lower one week from now.

I took my last dose 2 days ago, only took 60mg. Test will be in 7 days time. I plan to train hard on the day before, I will try to eat very little fats during this week. What else can I do? (no drugs or anything harmful, please)



Training and not eating fat will do jack shit to lower your levels. With exagenous T your natural T production is zero, makes no difference one way or another. The best you can do now is not take another shot, since you have 5 days left.

You should be splitting your dose to twice a week unless you feel great doing it once.


Read the protocol for injections sticky and advice for new guys. Inject with the suggested insulin needles. Do not worry about small amounts of air, they are harmlessly absorbed and a bit of air helps push out all of the injectable.

If you inject once a week, the lab results are mostly the result of lab timing.

You need more labs as per the stickies.
Post labs with ranges.

There is a sticky for finding a new TRT doc.

Don’t get fooled with that “normal” crap. Learn what you need to know and what your doc should know.