Lowering T3 and Metabolic Rate

I have high T3 levels and i highly don’t like it, not to mention that i read the articles about lifespan & metabolic rate connections, so it’s the time to do something about this t3 before it’s too late.

From what i know, T3 control your metabolic rate, so lowering the levels of it, should help with longer lifespan(if it’s even true), and gaining easier mass, correct?

When you take test, or any other hormone externally, people say that it never comeback to the last level, and it’s always a little lower, right? So, my plan to get rid of that cursed thing T3 is to take it outside of my body, do the cycles, like people do with test, and lower it after time.

What you think? Could this work? Please, i need some knowledge.

T3 bounces back to normal within a few weeks. Your plan will not work.

You could theoretically take exogenous T3 at a lower dose than your current natural production. This would cease your natural production but still give you enough to function. But it’s a bad idea. You should investigate why it’s so high. There could very well be an underlying condition that needs treating.


What Iron said.

If it is too high, one possibility is that you could have growths on your thyroid that are producing T3. You should get a doctor to look at it.

To be honest, idk if it’s high. Never measure it, i am just skinny, have small wrist, so i guess it’s all T3 fault. I don’t eat much, but i don’t move much too. If it’s just stress, then good, because stress can end, but if it’s t3, it’s the time to do something with it.

Not good, if it doesn’t work, so, why test will lower after years of steroids intake, but t3 no?

Small wrists do not have to do with thyroid function. That is genetic.

Stress should cause weight gain, not loss.

Thyroid and testicles are different. Yes they both work operate on feedback loops, but not all feedback loops have the same behavior.

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Maybe in another way, i will do all the blood tests etc. but let’s assume, it’s T3 fault, is there any stable way to lower it? And slow the methabolism rate, so it’s slower, it’s all i care.

Force feed yourself until you gain weight. Additionally, if the weight you gain is fat, it will probably lower T3, increase RT3, increase E2 and lower testosterone. You will be much more prone to gaining weight (and you will probably wish you had your old hormone profile back).

Unless you have very high T3 (it is a real medical condition, that should be treated in many cases), then just train and eat more.

I promise you don’t want to mess with thyroid unless you know for sure it’s thyroid issues. Great way to be miserable in many different ways.

I am a very risky person, and i take it, that it could cause a lot of problems.
Ok guys, where can i find the reason, why other hormones do lower after outside intake, and T3 as you said don’t? Is there any reason? If i understood it good.

Because your thyroid is different than other body parts. Why can’t you breath through your liver? Why don’t your kidneys pump blood through your circulatory system? The body is complex and not everything responds the same way to similar stimuli.

You are way out of your depth here. You have no reason to believe that your t3 is high because you have zero proof of it. But you start out by saying “I have high t3 levels”. How do you know this? Because you have high metabolism and tiny wrists? That’s not at all an indication of anything g other than genetic predisposition to smaller bone structure. You complain that you’re skinny but then say “I don’t eat”. Well no shit you’re skinny. Before doing anything stupid—and make no mistake, you are absolutely thinking about doing something stupid—you should learn the most basic things about how the human body works. Start with food and calories and understanding maintenance. Build from that. But do not start fucking with your thyroid because you have a feeling that it’s not working right.


I am an ectomorph, ectomorphs have higher T3, and it’s their dominant hormon. That’s it. No need to do any blood tests to know, what is my dominant hormone. It’s like asking Arni if his test was high… How you look it’s the proof.

Ps. No, i just asked in case that’s it, and what can i do. I am not stupid, that i start taking T3, or whatever, before i go to the doc. If my T3 is high, but the doc will say, no need for any treatment, i will do what i can by my way, and probably i end up worse. So, it’s good to collect the full knowledge, and then judge, if i wanna / don’t wanna do it.

It was artificially high, and genetics has much more to do with how one looks than testosterone level. I have a friend that most would think was on steroids, but in reality had a total T of 150 ng/dL. Good genetics counts for a lot.

Also, ectomorph has more to do with bone structure than hormones. Ectomorphs have small bone structure, and can still get fat (think pregnant man look), and can also have poor thyroid function.

Your problem is most likely that you will have to eat a lot for you. I can gain weight no problem, but my weight lose diet probably contains more food than your bulking diet.

“I have a friend that most would think was on steroids, but in reality had a total T of 150 ng/dL. Good genetics counts for a lot.”

I guess that 150 it’s not much, if genetics are more important.

Ok, what about ageing? I read that if someone have fast metabolism, they will die faster. I read different articles, and they all agree that faster metabolism casue shorter life.

Anyways, at this point, there is not much i can say. I have to get some things done, then i will go to the doc, and see. Not to mention start eating normally. THen see what will happen.

“Your problem is most likely that you will have to eat a lot for you. I can gain weight no problem, but my weight lose diet probably contains more food than your bulking diet.”

My problem is, i have read, that fatser-metabolism people live shorter, and i am fucking scared i am gonna die at age of 40 - 50. That’s it.

I am not an endo, but I think what you are talking about is hyperthyroidism. It is an actual medical condition, that often results in thyroid removal. I don’t think you have presented any evidence that would suggest that condition.

Being an ectomorph with a fast metabolism is not a death sentence at 40-50 years old. Go ahead and get a thyroid panel done. You can check some of the stickies in the T-replacement category for what to test.

150 ng/dL for a man in his early 20s is horrible. Normal range is from about 300-1000 ng/dL for all men.

What i am talking about is this.

especially this:

This whole thread is making me dumber.


May i ask what’s wrong with it?

Your fixation and obsession with tour thyroid without having any real evidence of what the issue is.

Everyone telling you what you need to do/know and you constantly trying to bring it bsck to your thyroid.

You so stuck on the idea that somehow your life is being dictated on your thyroid and your going to die young because your t3 is too high is ridiculous.

Until you let go of this notion you will never accept anything else as a problem even when and if you are shown to have a normal thyroid you will still obsess over something being wrong with it.

If you are serious then do more research than the first articles that came up in your Google search. You are on a forum packed with people that are very interested in things like hormones that are more than willing to guide you if you’ve shown the basic understanding of what you are talking about. The problem is what you keep saying is so totally incorrect it’s hard to believe you spent any time at all looking into it. Thyroid is very complicated and not something you need to be messing with without knowing it’s the problem. Go to discountlabs.com and search full thyroid panel and write down the things to test for. Take that list to your doc and have him test for those things. Bring your results back and then the members who are knowledgeable in thyroid can point you into the right direction. Without that you are just going to keep getting answers that you don’t want to hear.

LOL. Dang. That’s a lot of stupid for one sentence. And Arnold knew his Test was high because he was taking a whole lot of it exogynously. Wow.