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Lowering T Before Bloodwork

Ok guys, my T levels aren’t super low, but I was looking for advice on how to game my blood work. Lower the free T maybe raise the estrogen levels for the test so I can get TRT via my insurance instead of done website. I’ve read about 75 grams of sugar before, etc. Wanted to see what other things may assist since I believe I need to fast before hand. Thanks for the help

Nothing will really budge it to any significant extent in my opinion… perhaps liquorice but even then… data remains conflicting

You’re best bet would be sleep deprivation and excess alcohol intake… both are suuuuper bad for you… you’d probably get a drop of 40% or so (acutely) from combining these variables… but don’t… super bad for you

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Do you have any labs now? You can buy your own through discountedlabs.com and a few others, not too bad price wise. There’s a few states where that doesn’t work though.

Check it yourself before you do the official one.

If it comes out in your favor, so to speak, you can show it to your doc, as one of your data points, if it doesn’t, just toss it. I agree with unreal though it’s not a good thing to do, not recommended.

I went through the same thought process when I ran my first test, maybe I can lower it, if it’s not low enough, and I came back at like 170ng/dl with a free in the low 5’s. So no issues for me there.

If you can pay for a set yourself and get an honest look at how things are.