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Lowering Prolactin??

Would i see in any benefit from lowering prolactin from 12 ng/ml to say 2-3 ng/ml?

Any insight would be valueable

Can only be done with Rx medication such as dostinex/cabergoline.

Probably no effect on T levels, do you have labs for TT, FT, E2, LH/FSH?

Might improve sexual performance for a younger <40 guy who already has a high libido.

KSman. You replied to my Post “TRT doctor in Colorado”. All of my info is in that thread, if you wouldn’t mind looking at that again, as i have updated it.

Do you think it would be worth trying to get a prescription of Dostinex/prami?
Since starting TRT my sexual function is much improved. Having said that i have always had a long refractory period and still do, i believe this is related to prolactin

I recently visited an Endo who wrote me a script for T and HCG so i don’t have to go through the mens clinic any longer. He wasn’t concerned at all about prolactin though…

Also he has prescribed me 200mg T every two weeks and HCG 250iu ED. Isn’t that way too much HCG? He said more HCG is needed to preserve fertility than everybody actually believes. I am going to do T 50mg 2/wk instead of what he prescribed

THis guy seemed pretty knowledgable but i think he is definitely off the mark on the HCG frequency.


hCG preserves size, firmness and T production [which may be substandard]. Sperm production needs FSH. hCG does not stimulate FSH receptors. So fertility can be limited with hCG with any dose.

I suggest 250iu EOD then do a sperm count. If that is ok, you are good to go. You can then try 250ED and see if that improves sperm count.

Note that higher hCG does have these risks for some:

  • LH receptor desensitization, really loosing the game
  • high E2 levels that cannot be managed with anastrozole
  • quite rare: some find that hCG reduces energy levels, initiative and libido.

Do not take high dose hCG or SERM or a combo.

You can use anastrozole with hCG or SERM.

Great, i will go with the HCG EOD.

Three more things:

  1. Again, what do you think about the prolactin situation?

  2. Do you prefer anastrozole to arimidex? i have not been prescribed an AI yet and may not need one b/c i am low BF and had low e2 to begin with, i had BW today so will be getting the e2 result within a few days.

3.Free T was 1006 ng/dl. My doc was fine with this b/c i feel great and I’m a young guy. His main concern was with long term Hematocrit levels possibly being elevated at staying around this level. Are his concerns warranted even though I’m not in the supra physiological range? Also giving blood is a way to mitigate this potential complication, Correct?

Thanks again, appreciate the help.

Great i will start with the HCG EOD, then get sperm test

Two more Things:

1).Do you prefer anastrozole to arimidex? I have not been prescribed AI yet, I had BW today and e2 should be in soon.

2). Total T tested this morning was 1006 ng/dl. My doc was fine with this except for his concerns regarding long term hematocrit levels.
Are his concerns warranted even though i am not above the supra physiological range? Can the Hematocrit level issue be effectively mitigated by giving blood regularly?

Arimidex the the brand name for anastrozole; same thing. Arimidex branded is expensive, anastrozole is now generic.

Hematocrit: Check with labs every 6 months. Some have issues, others not and problem might increase with age, but we really do not have much data. Young men with natural high T do not have high hematocrit, yet we see this in some older TRT guys, with comparable T levels. The T spikes from infrequent larger dose injections might be a cause, that is different.

A life time of managing hematocrit by blood loss is not a desired outcome.