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Lowering My Car


I want to drop my car a couple inches.
What's the best height without sacrificing handling and ride comfort? Best company for springs?

Any information, resources will be helpful.

It is a 2006 honda civic 4 dr.



My advise is don't.

If you do, get a camber kit.


go to eibach.com

my $.02

edit: I have only lowered a Mustang, so like the above guy said it might fuck with your caster/camber and transaxle or some shit.


Just don't cut the coils. It makes the car handle like crap.


Any specific reason?


I messed up camber will eat though tires in 200 miles

edit: What RZA said



you want them to be aligned properly. lowering by springs alone will alter your suspension geometry, changing the camber of your wheels and giving you poor traction and tire wear characteristics.


....you may want to check an actual car forum for this information.


I donâ??t like the look of lowered 4 door civics


Lowering the height of double wishbone suspensions causes significant negative camber. Aside from giving your car a â??squattingâ?? look, it kills tires and screws up suspension geometry.

Itâ??s worth what it will save you in tires.


Although an alignment shop may charge you extra for aligning with aftermarket adjustment components.


Duce, is that your civic?


Why? I never could understand "tricking" a car out. a honda is a good car leave it alone. Any money you put into it will be lost, and for what? It doesn't make it run any better so why bother.


My advice (like others):

Don't do it. I've got a lowered 2000 Civic 4dr. Bought it that way. Came with a camber kit so the tires are aligned.

But its painful going over speedbumps and hearing that SKKGGGGGHHH sound. Or hitting potholes on the road and bottoming out KTHUD!

It may seem like a good idea, but after this one, I'll never own a lowered car again.

Plus trying to inspect under the body without jacking it up is harder also.



No, just a pic from google. I know some about honda suspensions from my prelude.


Prelude's are nice. Personally the only Honda I'd ever own would be an S2000. Front engine, rwd, 5 speed gimme that shit!


No NSX? I'd drive one of those.


O shit, forgot about them... They don't count man! But yea, the all carbon-fiber ones... would be sex-mode!


The S2000 is a 6 speed.



Only lower your car if you're prepared to take the next step which includes (but not limited to):

Spiked blowout haircut
Relocating to Jersey


Lanky, ru serious?