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Lowering HCT - Donating Blood

I plan to donate blood prior to upcoming blood draws for my CBC when I see my endo at the end of the month due to my HCT being a little higher than I like on my last blood draw (49.1% range of 41 - 52%). How many days before my blood draw is it best to donate?

google says 24-48 hours and it takes 8 weeks to reform elements.

but im guessing its increase faster or at higher rate with trt.

my understanding thats hct is the concentration per blood cell so after you donate blood you still have 49% hct until your body start to make more blood for the lost volume.

i dont this it will make huge difference if you did the lab after 48 hour or a week or up to a month cause you dont really want to get the lowest reading possible to cheat the test and get more testosterone it will be harmful in the long run atleast if your hct was still high i think the doctor can write you an order that could let you donate again without waiting 60 days or more.

I have no interest in “cheating” the system or getting an increased dose. After this I will just plan to donate blood 4 times a year. I doubt I am above 51% which would cause my doctor concern, I just want to bring it midline.

you can do it now it wont make huge difference, the other thing they will take about 500ml for the donation and more to test if you qualify to donate i dont remember how much but its around 30-50ml so they will suck you dry and then in the lab they will probably take 50-100ml well that what they usually take from me for my doctor.

i donated blood last week the 13th and im doing my blood work on the 30th so thats 17 days apart.