Lowering Frequency Once Again

okay so a while back i made a post about increasing frequency and i found that hitting everything twice a week was great and so was a push/pull/leg routine which im currently doing.

due to my schedule(thearmysucks) im thinking of going back to hitting everything once a week with 3-4 movements on each day (5daysplit)

anyways all that said my question is has anyone made a transition like this and lost any progress, strength or size due to lowering their workout frequency?

I think that any time you make ANY adjustment, so long as it’s sound you will see some results. In this case, I think the backing off of frequency is a sound idea. It will allow for more recovery, and certainly a change from what your body has most recently become accustomed to.

Certainly you will reach a point where you can alter your split yet again, and continue to make gains, but IMO, I don’t think you have anything to worry about in this case (I’ve gone back and forth in frequency myself many times over the years).


thanks yeah sounds good i think ill give it a shot, worst case in a month or so i realize im making zero progress and i go back to a higher freq routine

Exactly. People make progress training bodyparts 1x a week, 2x a week, and even 3x a week for some recovery gifted (or aided -lol) individuals. You may benefit from the added rest, or you may not. Chances are that after training more frequently you will benefit from now backing off a bit.