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Lowering Estradiol Conversion from TRT Gel?


Do anyone have any tips on how to lower the conversion to estrogen from topical testosterone?

I apply twice daily. On my left arm/shoulder in the morning, and right arm/shoulder in the evening. Getting upper levels of normal testosterone on several blood tests, and upper levels of estradiol.

Thoughts I have is:

  • Applying gel to a smaller area, but still absorbing the same amount of testosterone, possible?
  • Only applying to one arm?
  • Lowering overall dose?


Any high E2 symptoms?

You could switch to a scrotal cream, which is absorbed better and does not seem to result in as much aromatization.

Other than that, if you stay with gels, a lower dose or poorer absorption (same place regularly or smaller area) will decrease test and therefore E2.

Topical testosterone is known for excess estrogen conversion, lowering the dosage is your only recourse without resorting to an AI. Injections can possibly provides more control of how much testosterone is converted to estrogen.

Losing weight can lower estrogen as well.