Lowering Dose and Trying T Prop - Thoughts?

Hey guys, been a while since I posted last as I’ve been going through some stuff with the ex. She actually wanted me off TRT due to anger and anxiety issues, which turned quickly into hell. Thank god Defy was super understanding and suggested I lower my dose. Even just a week later, I’m feeling more myself again! Went from 200mg/week to my starting dose of 150mg. At 200 I hit a TT of 1231, but originally on 150mg I was around 720.

So some of the stories out there are true, more isn’t always better. My libido has been improving too!

I’ve also setup a consult to discuss switching to T propionate from cypionate. I’ve read that prop is slightly better in terms of water retention, which has been a big issue for me. I currently inject daily, so the short half life isn’t a big issue. I’ve seen a couple anecdotes of guys feeling better on prop, and none of the opposite (minus a little more pain).

My big question is, with the shorter half life, will it be easier for my to find my ideal dose? The hardest part of cyp is that by the time 6 weeks go by, my life tends to change so much anyways, it’s hard to remember what’s changed, or even know if it’s from TRT.

Second question, does anyone know how Defy switches you? I told them I don’t want to do it if it involves stopping T, going on HCG, nolvadex, etc then starting again.

Third question, any opinions from those who have made a similar switch?

I don’t think it would be easier to find the correct dosing on propionate, if anything it will be like starting TRT all over again. The test propionate has a shorter half life and you will need to figure out your dosing and are basically starting from scratch.

It’s good that your on the right track, I would hate to see you get lost by going to the propionate and spend months figuring it out. I’ve also heard propionate can be more intense in the way that you feel, I don’t think this is what you are looking for.

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Fair point. I’ll have to ask Defy, but if it sucks for me, I figure prop is out o my body in a few days, and it’s much easier to go back on cyp.

I have found some other posts of guys saying you can indeed change your dose more frequently on prop. I am not trying to go up and down or add some extra for the weekend or anything like that. But one of the best things I ever did in my supplement days was to very slowly increase dose each week. With cyp, it’s like…wait 6 weeks (at least 4) and then go up 10mg. If I can inch up a little each week on prop, I feel confident I could find what’s truly ideal for me.

I used to be sold on cyp because I was convinced having high levels all day would make me some sort of sex beast at night (when the gf always wanted it), but it’s proven a pretty moot point. Haven’t noticed anything special, I still preference mornings.

You have to inject the same dose for 6 weeks to reach stable levels, you can’t find anything inching your way up because once you stop inching your way up, things will eventually change.

I’ve used both, separately and concurrently.

The bodybuilders seem to believe that, but I did not notice any difference.

As long as you are injecting often enough, which you are, you’ll be fine. I never noticed any pain with propionate.

Injecting daily, it won’t make any difference.

It does not.

I noticed no difference. As long as it’s dosed correctly, you won’t notice any difference. The only caveat being if your body reacts poorly to a particular ester. It happens.

You would want to take the weight of the ester into consideration on dosing to make sure it’s equivalent. The shorter the ester, the higher the percentage of test per mg. 200 mg per week of prop will deliver slightly more test than 200 mg of cypionate for example…

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Oh absolutely. Leaving that part to Defy to convert it over for me.