Lowering Cortisol Around the Workout?

Hey guys, i am recovering from adrenal fatigue and i’m about to go back to working out from a 2 week break.

I’m looking for ways to reduce cortisol secretion around the workout to prevent stressing my adrenals.
I think there has been some talk of phospholitidylserine (however its spelled), and glycine?

I also have to keep carbs low due to yeast infection (stomach), How does 1tbsp of coconut oil sound pre-workout? maybe a 1/4 scoop of karbolyn.

All advice is appreciated.

out of curiosity, was your adrenal fatigue diagnosed by an actual doctor?

I was going to suggest keeping workouts short, and added carbs. But then… oops.

I’d recommend several other supplements in the diet. What are you now taking? You can also try 500 mg sustained release vitamin c ~30 min prior to the training session. Get the kind of vitamin C with citrus bioflavanoids (vitamin P) added. Try and see if 500 mg helps. Try gradually increasing to 1.0 grams (1,000 mg) – see if this provides any additional benefit. Next consider stress counseling, legal marijuana, avoiding coffee and other sources of caffeine, etc.

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Have you read this? The Adrenal Fatigue Cure

Yes and plenty of water (35+ oz with added sea salt and a mineral supplement). An antioxidant rich food like superfood is probably a good idea.