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Lowering Cholesterol

Hey guys,

My father is a 56 yr who is attempting to lower his cholesterol, it is currently at 229. His LDL is 142 at present. He does regular cardio as well as weight training although not as often or as scheduled as I would like. However i was hoping some of you guys could reccomend a nutrition plan to lower his cholesterol. Currently he is just lowering his cholesterol intake and saturated fats along with hydrogenated fats, trans fatty acid and high fructose corn syrup. He is also taking flax seeds. I would assume ordering omega 3 pills would be a start or fish oil caps, but any additional direction would be appreciated thanks.

just bumping up for you, but fish oil and omega 3 is the way to go. Also I would think rolled oats would be a good option.

Just some basic advice, but adding a lot of fruits and vegetables into his diet might lower his overall caloric intake and the amount of junk he has cravings for.


I’ve heard that Guggulsterones can help with lowering cholesterol. My girlfriend’s uncle said he had great results using Fish Oil and Guggul.

There was an article that talked about this. try searching t-mag for it. I think it was called something like ‘bad blood’, but searching for ‘lowering cholestrol’ should turn it up.

from my understanding, HDL levels are way more important than LDL levels and total cholesterol levels. The correlations are lower when HDL is >30.

Zulu is on the right track. Reduce sugars and other higher glycemic carbs, and add fiber. The body uses bowel movements to help excrete excess cholesterol.

Aerobic execise is the biggest influence on lowering cholesterol. Add cario, cholesterol drops. Also, add fiber and healthy fats (olive oil, avacado, cold water fish, etc.) to lower LDL and raise HDL. BTW, there is no correlation between cholesterol intake and total cholesterol count in the long run.