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Lowering Cholesterol and Improving Heart


So I know all about the benefits of niacin, coq10, fishoil (Flameout), etc in keeping a healthy heart and health.

But my main question is do these reverse the effects of having high cholesterol and other bad stuff that already accumulated in the body? I understand that they can help prevent and make you healthier but does it also help reverse damage already done? If not or if so, are there any other changes I could make besides the obvious ones that I am already doing (excercise, fiber, coq10, fish oil). Like do these help unclog arteries?

Also, no one has giving me a straight answer yet. What is the optimal dosage of fish oil to take for bettering the heart and overall health? Every person on here especially the authors of the articles take a ton of Flameout and I can't afford to take that much. Maybe I can use both Flameout and a liquid fish oil to help get the same amount? Or are they just over doing it? Any help?




It's complicated.


Yes, fish oil can reverse some of the changes caused by a cholesterol rich diet.


Yeah it's complicated. Damage gets harder and harder to undo the longer it's been "engraved". I mean that if you've had high cholesterol for 10 years, it will be much harder to undo the bad effects than if you had high cholestrol that "popped up" from one year to the next. Also high blood pressure and conditions like diabetes can make the matter much worse. But it's never a lost cause. You just have to get more aggressive (without taking statin drugs if possible).

You probably know this but - Reduce inflammation and you will reduce cholesterol. It's really that simple.

Cut certain things out - Try cutting ALL sugar and grains and trans fats(they cause inflammation). Drastically lower sat fats but still get some to keep test levels.

Add in certain supplements/foods - lots of supplements are helpful (beta sitosterol, fish oil, fiber, rezveratrol, and many many others)