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Lowered Dose/Increased Frequency, E2 Went Up?

Just a quick background.

I changed from my sustanon 150mg/wk split into EOD shots to 85mg/wk of test prop ED shots due to SHBG being too high.

SHBG has come up slightly but estrogen has tripled and prolactin has also doubled.

I’m not taking anything else.

Any thoughts?


So weird, I would not expect any of these things to happen by the changes you made. All I can guess is you still have some of the long esters mixing in with the fast-acting prop shots.

But it’s weird for sure

I doubt you would have a similar experience on a shorter acting ester.

What is your SHBG? Switch to Test C if available

Agreed. Im perplexed as to whats happening. Even if it is the longer esters, why would my estrogen triple all of a sudden?

My SHBG went from 5 to 12 (18 -54). Why would switching to test C help? @middleages


How long ago did you change protocol? Sustanon contains testosterone deconate that some claim has a 15 day half life. That means it will still be in your system for up to 75 days after your last Sustanon injection. You should wait until after then to get tested.

I changed the protocol around 5 weeks ago. My sustanon dose was very low so I assumed there wouldn’t be such a large build up.

The only other thing I can think of is, I dropped proviron (prescribed) alongside the sustanon as this was causing the low SHBG, could it be an estrogen rebound?


How much time did you take between your bloods at 150mg/wk, to 85mg/week of prop?
The undecanoate ester in Sus can hang around for a very long time.

4 weeks between last injection of Sust and Test prop.
But whats the odds of my testosterone staying the exact same and estrogen tripling?


I can’t explain the estro. I was 6-8 weeks off a 250mg/wk mini blast, back to my 125mg/week TRT. At 125mg I normally get Testosterone bloods of 24 (out of 28max in normal range). After nearly 2 months off the blast I tested 60(out of 28), so over twice the normal maximum.

The only other thing I changed was dropping prescribed proviron. It could be a rebound from E2 suppression as its DHT based?



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SHBG of 12 is not bad. Were all going to change sometime and going up could be that the Test you’re using is prolly not what its suppose to be. I say use Test C so that you’re able to pinpoint whether or not the Test you are using is the problem, and not some other input.

If I was betting on something causing the E2 going up, this is it.

@middleages the testosterone im using is pharmaceutical so the dose is definitely as stated.

@mnben87 interesting if it is, didn’t know proviron could suppress E so much.


You have a multivariable problem here, so saying it is this or that is tough to do. I would just bet that is was the removal of the proviron that caused the E2 to jump.

Didn’t realize this. Yeah, with the DHT agent removed, e2 could be bouncing back temporarily

Agreed. Will hold out a few weeks to see if it lowers naturally. This should mean my test should be higher on the same dose right? Less aromatisation? @mnben87

Sorry yes i should have mentioned it in my original post. @swoops39

Once this is fixed, i will start hcg with my doc and move toward the long road of regaining fertility.