Lowered BP Substantially with Some Natural Products

I’m not here to sell anything or to talk some hippie crap.

Just figured this might benefit some others as well, since it’s worked for me.

I’ve been researching and experimenting past weeks with some herbs and supplements, since my doctor kept refusing to give me BP meds.

My BP both diastolic and systolic have lowered by almost 20 Points.

What I’ve been taking which works:

Vitamin D
Garlic Supplement (Around 1500MG) a day
Omega 3
Ginger (Powdered in my tea) Few cups
Hibiscus (Powdered in my tea) Few cups
The tea thing might not be for you (I’m European) But surely there must be other ways to get those in.

I have noticed significant reduction in the complaints I was having and BP readings are almost 20 points lower.

Thought it might be worth a share.


Just another one to throw in there… Hawthorne Berry. Garlic is definitely a big one, glad it’s working!

Garlic? I hope the ingredients that you exhale and sweat out aren’t in there, especially for everyone around you haha

True but at least he won’t be bothered by Vampires:)

Oh i don’t notice any sides breath wise, its a supplement though haha.

Many underestimate the potential therapeutic benefit of herbal supps

RYR for example can have a significant effect on cholesterol (lower LDL,.marginally increases HDL), contains monakolin K, chemically identical to lovastatin

Numerous studies suggest coq-10 lowers BP. One study using ubiquinol (reduced from of coq-10) in pediatric dialated cardiomyopathy found it reduced symptomatology, improved cardiac function

Coffee (the beverage) is made from the mashed up seeds of the coffee plant. Many painkillers used today are derived from/directly produced from opium poppies.

Ah yeah i’ve been wanting to add that one. Couldn’t find it in local store.

Nearly all anti bacterial and cytostatic compounds stem from Mother Nature. The list goes on. Acetaminophen is a biogenic substance, opium, anti diabetics, statins, hallucinogens, salicylic acid…
All derived from plants/fungi/bacteria.
Plant extracts often have strong effects. The problem is characterizing the active substance because often it’s the mixture that has the effect. Plants often get overlooked because people think it’s placebo.