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Lower Volume W/O's: Caloric Intake?

Hi All. I wanted to ask what you should do with caloric intake when you move from one of the standard, higher-volume workouts to much lower volume workouts. Would you reduce total calories to ensure that you you don’t have too much of a caloric surplus/too little deficit (depending on goals)?

A good example: moving from one of the fullbody workouts which last 50-60 minutes, to one of Waterbury’s workouts (eg. ABBH series) which can last 23-35 minutes tops).


Nice to see another South African on here - where about you from?

I’d say just keep your calories the same as before cause the workouts are still intense on Waterbury’s programs, and they can still take some time once in the 3rd week of a program - I’m busy on the 3rd week of Quattro Dynamo and keeping the calories nice and high.

Hi there. I am in the Jozi region, northern suburbs. Yourself.

Thanks for the info. I know how intense his programs can be, busy with the Waterbury Method.

I am most likely geting surgery in the new year, after which I want to come back slowly but properly, starting with the foundation programs like ABBH and building up volume/capacity etc. But since I already have a farily high volume tolerance, it will be quite a change working out for 20-30 minutes! My interest is not just the 20-25 minutes shorter these workouts are from my normal workouts, but the after effects. My analogy is to HIIT cardio - it aint the calories DURING which are so important, but the high quantity burnt throughout the day after a HIIT session etc.


I’m also from Jozi, Southern side but I frequent the north too.

Well just keep your calories steady and see what your results are like, then adjust from there accordingly - it’s time consuming but I find it works the best - for me anyway.