Lower Volume Training and Peri-Workout Nutrition

Considering your current recommendations to use lower training volume, would the amount of peri-workout nutrition also go down? At least for regular, non-blitz workouts (where I assume higher peri-workout would still be beneficial).

To give you a reference point, for a long time now I’ve been having roughly 45g protein and 90g carbs (cyclic dextrin) during training, both when I was up to 185lbs and now that I’m down to 165lbs. 1/3 of that before, rest during.


I personally do not lower it. The carbs help lower cortisol so I’d rather err on the side of taking a bit too much than too little. You are extremely unlikely to store them as fat anyway.

Thanks, coach. Makes sense.

BTW I would actually recommend having a greater proportion of the per-workout protocol PRE and not during, especially with a low volume of work

Thanks, I will give that a try. I normally down the first 500ml in one go the moment I get to the gym (so about 10 minutes before training), so it shouldn’t be a problem to start a few minutes early and go 50/50. We’ll see tomorrow (reviewing the plan you suggested in the other thread at the moment and making some minor tweaks taking into account my preferences and my gym).