lower twice a week?

ND, I believe the main point of PWN was to increase protein synthesis without any effect on catabolism (Rasmussen et al., 2000). Either way, I agree that liquids are better. I just don’t like the dogma with which people promote the liquid meals, and I “took it out on you”. No disrepect.

Your information was helpful, and certainly appreciated.


I don’t think anyones explicitly suggested training the hip extension function of the hams, except for loopfitt recommending GHR’s. As Ryan said do some supplemental work. Do hip extension work for your hammies. You already said you don’t like knee flexion!
Do Romanian DL’s, Good mornings, Dimel DL’s, GHR’s and Reverse hypers. You’ll then be able to lift more on squat and DL, and you’ll get bigger. Plus you’ll ease the strain on you quads which are probably taking a hammering.

Also how long have you been doing back squats with that same rep scheme? It could well be time to change your exercise (front squats, wide stance e.t.c.) or rep scheme to give your CNS a break.

Just a couple of suggestions.

Dave: No worries mate! I’m not a big fan of liquid meals either (esp. meal replacements). My can of Grow! is only for really rare occasions. I much prefer real food…I’d only push for a liquid PWO meal. My only other “liquid” meal is my breakfast shake (posted in another thread), and that’s only because getting 900cals in solid form can be tough at 5am.

Thanks for the reference regarding PWN though. I thought I remember reading there is a halt in catabolism, but since I can’t reference it, You’re right! Cheers!

just to get in on this issue. you should be full squatting with a stance narrower then a powerlifting stance. this will definitelly get your hamstings and quads. are you getting stronger and or gaining lean mass? you need to analyze that. maybe you don’t need to workout legs more then once a week. if you want to, then you need to increase your recovery ability by not doing as much total weight and gradually raising the total weight slowly. (total weight = volume x weight). As far as recovery goes you need more protein and calories as well as monitoring how well you have recovered from other body parts. laters pk