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Lower Tricep Pain from Pulling/Pushing

Lately I have been having a sharp pain in my lower tricep right above my elbow when doing chin ups. It doesn’t hurt until I pull myself up and I am close to the bar. It is only in my right arm and today is the first day I felt it when doing bench press. I was doing a warm up set with 95lbs total weight and the pain was sharper than usual and only after I brought the bar down to my chest and began to push.

I decided to power through it and after a couple more warm up sets I jumped into my work sets and felt no pain what so ever. After I was done with bench press I decided to do skull crushers with very light weight to get a good stretch in my elbows. I loaded a standard EZ curl Barbell with 10 lbs and while doing them the pain came back just as bad as when I was doing warm up sets with bench press. I immediately stopped and while I was lying down if I bent my arm as if doing skull crushers, but with no weight I could feel the same pain.

At first I thought it was tennis elbow but from what I have read tennis elbow is in the forearm and elbow area not below the tricep. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

Nope, I’m no expert, have no clue. Had similar issues, usually from heavy pressing.

I suggest voodoo floss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dgbCDtqdlI

Craziness but it works. I made one from a bike tire inner tube and it does just fine.