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lower traps

is there a way to build lower traps like dorians? ive tried bent over rowing at various angles,with my elbows in and my elbows out, with a wide grip to a narrow grip, high reps and low reps, full contractions and partials, fast reps and slow reps. ive done all sorts of chinning, tried every concievable variation of bent over lateral raises, shrugs with my torso leaning forward at 30 degrees, deadlifts, swissballs, massage, tiger balm, shark cartlidge, bulls testicles, hypnotists, fortune tellers…

i dont really want traps as big as dorians but my lower trap development is lagging far behind the rest of my back and i cant seem to stimulate them to grow. please help

An old trainer once told me, ya wanna know how to build a certain muscle? get an anatomy and physiology book, know what the muscle is and what it does, then do that with a lot of weight. If you can’t see it, you either haven’t given it enough time and attention or you are too fat, or doing it wrong, or some or all of the above. I have used that philosophy for 20 years.

Most peoples first thought when they have a lagging bodypart is to increase the # of exercises for it. When in fact you should do the opposite. Cut back on you focus of that bodypart for a while then begin to add again in a few weeks.

Horizontal plane shrugs on a chest supported row- protract and retract your scpula while keeping your arms straight
Lots of bent over rowing
Good luck