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Lower to upper strength

Is it true that your lowerbody stregth influences your upper body strenght? For example does your max squat have and effect on your max curl, or bench?

Yes. Don Alessi talks about this in a couple of his articles at t-mag. It has to do with weak links.

I recall reading and hearing in many of my classes in college that lower body strength does not necessarily carry over to upper body strength. Conversely, I have also read in musclemags that it does help via hormonal factors. My opinion is that increases in upper body strength stemming from transitory hormonal changes derived from doing squats and deadlifts will be relatively minor when compared to doing specific upper body exercises.

There’s a theory floating around that, because the body strives for balance within a certain range, your upper body strength will be LIMITED by your lower body strength, and vice versa. So yes, it is influenced, but you have the cause and effect reversed.

do you bench w/ out having your feet on the floor?

george halbert’s bench keeps getting stronger and stronger and i do not think he does any lower body workouts at all. his bench is higher now than when he used to train his lower body for 3 lift meets. i think kenny paterson’s bench was higher when he wasn’t training his lower body.

well, you see some pretty strong guys upper body wise who may not lift lower body really. some people can get away with this, most cannot. so get to your strongest in any lift, a strong core is essential, and to have your strongest core, you must lift all parts of your body. they all rely on each other.