Lower TM or Keep Using Current TM?

Before I ran my 2 leader cycles I did OHP 140x5 lbs I recently tested after the 2 leaders and did 150x6. I started with a 85% TM (135lbs) and per my recent test I’m still at that (150lbs). Should I drop my TM to 80% or keep rolling with 85%?

I have no idea what you are asking. Your TM should be a number you can hit 5 strong reps with (or more reps). Thus…

Can you hit 5 or more awesome, total control reps with your TM?

A. Yes - TM is fine.
B. No - adjust TM

I was able to hit 5 reps with my TM, I might of been able to squeak out 1 more but it would of been ugly.

Jim, question regarding assistance please.
When the template recommends 50-100 reps and I do the DB-squat for example should I do 5x10 reps and increase the weight or should I go for 5x20 reps like in the “beginner prep school” template for example and then increase the weight? What makes more “sense” in your opinion? Should I shoot for building more “muscle” or should I shoot for more “condition”?

I have access to dumbbells over 150pounds where I train.

I don´t have a specific goal besides to get strong legs and lunges you always teach!


Do both. No need or reason to choose one.