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Lower Testosterone Levels and Memory Loss

I’ve noticed being off of exogenous hormones for the last 6 months or so (with a total T level in the 350s) that my long term memory is getting more and more distant. I am only 27 years old so it has gotten concerning for me. I have a separate thread with all of my blood work updates etc, but I am wondering if the lack of testosterone is the forefront of what is causing my inability to recall parts of my life. The only medication I take is Clonazipam which is claimed to cause similar issues but I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced a decrease in memory with a lower T level. Thank you for the input in advance!

Definitely. I got down to a 206 and was a zombie with brain fog. On clomid, I fluctuate between 350-450 (depending on lifestyle). Way better than when I was in 200’s but memory is still not a strong point.

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Did you do any Post Cycle Therapy to kick start your HPTA? Have you had blood work since to look at LH and FSH to see if you system is back online? Why were you on TRT? Why did you stop? How did your labs look when on TRT? What was your protocol? Was memory better on TRT? Low T will def fuck with memory.

You already know clonazepam is what causes memory problems and can cause low testosterone. People who take clonazepam experience memory problems and cognitive deficits. To avoid permanent damage you must stop taking clonazepam.

You’re effectively sedating the brain with that medicine, it’s no surprise you have memory problems.


Yea I agree 350 isn’t great but 200 is even worse that I know for sure! Thanks for the input.

I was not on TRT initially, I used every anabolic steroid possible for about 7 years straight and even with my high LH and FSH levels now my T doesnt go over 350. I stopped because my body doesn’t tolerate hormone use too well anymore so I needed a break. I may try TRT again but not sure I want to deal with that roller coaster again.

Free T is where the rubber meets the road, Total T is bound to SHBG and not bioavailable.

I don’t disagree that the medication has that effect but with testosterone added in I never noticed as much of an issue personally.

I’ve just started TRT and the first pre symptom to go away was the brain fog. Literally on day 2/3 post injection it was like the sun came out and burned away the fog. I’d dealt with it for months before starting treatment, and yes I definitely had poorer cognitive function. It affected both personal and work life and was a source of major frustration.
In my experience, yes, low T can cause memory issues.


58.7 to be exact on the 35-155 on the free T scale with an SHBG level of 26 as of december 31st 2018

Thank you for that detailed reply much appreciated buddy. Brain fog is frustrating!

Im not saying that 7 years of abusing AAS hasn’t caused problems but the immediate culprit would be the sedative.

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AAS users often complain of alzheimer like memory impairment do to limbic system damage, damage to parts of the limbic system severely affects ability to store and retrieve information.

You will probably need some type of future treatment to speed up the healing process, but as long as you’re on clonazepam the healing process is halted because you are sedating the brain into a stupor.

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Its not just the Klonipin, though Klonopin alone can do that, especially with regular use and at higher dosages.

After cycle my thought process was noticeably slower. Its not just the T level, but Low T (and probably heightened E levels) caused things like poor sleep and less intensity in the gym, which have the domino effect.

For me, decent sleep and a really exhausting training session is a good indicator of how I’ll perform at work and with the family later and into the next day as well. So sleep, working out in addition to bad habits are cascading off the flux in hormones.

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Yea I highly agree, the domino effect of poor sleep is like a staple in the cognition issues and memory loss I think. On top of it a super low T level would all make a perfect storm of issues. Thanks for your input.

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Well i’m sure if there’s any damage to be had I have it. My brain hardly functions unless I medicate myself hence the clonazipam, otherwise I feel the effects even more. So yes i’m trying to recover whatever is left of my mind/ health.

If you’re taking it for seizures please consider lamotrigine instead. By far the least side effects of the anti-seizure meds; I’ve been on it for 17 years.
It’s also stacked sometimes for anxiety and bpd but I don’t know much about that use.

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Systemlord - do you have any links to research on this Limbic system damage? If so greately appreciated!

Brain and Cognition Abnormalities in Long-Term Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Users

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