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Lower Test on Supplementation



I am 32 and have a HRT question. I had a total test level drawn 6 months ago and it was 220's with a FSH that was low normal. I pursued this because I had a low test level (240's) in 2000 after I had a urethroplasty surgery do to stricture but didn't seek treatment back then. I have been on Androgel for 5-6 months at 5 grams daily.

My first 30 days on it my repeat test was 420's and I felt great. The mental cloudiness was clearing, fatigue decreasing, and life was good. But the last 30 days I have had testicular pain,fatigue,increasing nocturia,etc. My repeat test was 175 and I am increasing the Androgel to 7.5 grams.

I am seeing a Internal Medicine doc.....but I think I need an endocrinologist. I am wondering if any damage was done during the surgery as well. I am significantly overweight, but wonder if this weight gain was helped along by low T.

What would y'all do in my situation?

p.s AN added Androgel bonus is my Hematocrit was 45.......it hasn't been above 40 in almost a decade.


just sent you a pm...


Get a Dr that knows TRT. Find a good anti-aging Dr. Androgel is a waste time.


what about a compounded testosterone cream? Is it better than androgel?


I have done gels, patches and this is just my opinion so take it for what it worth but I believe shots are superior.


The cream works well but it's a pain to deal with. Just go for the shots.


If you can get a really strong cream, that is 20% solution, and apply it twice a day, it really is a very small amount and takes a second to apply.


Some simply do not absorb transdermals, of any sort.

Some do for a while then the door slams shut. Skin changes some how.

Transdermals create more E than injections. This is a problem for some.

Those who have hypothyroidism are famous for not absorbing T transdermals. One could consider not been a transdermal absorber as a symptom of hypothyroidism. Most docs have no idea and want to increase the dose.

When one does not respond to a transdermal, doubling the dose often does nothing.

If transdermals are not working, you need to inject.

Transdermals are much costlier than injected T.

For those who train or work where they sweat a lot and or showering, this can make transdermals inappropriate.