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Lower T to Reduce Prison Violence


Saw this article and thought: Could this work to help (somewhat) stem the tide of prison violence? Lower prisoner's T levels through diet

Arizona's Sheriff Joe orders jails to stop serving meat to save money

The sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, has ordered his jails to stop serving meat to inmates in a move he says is meant to cut costs.

Joe Arpaio, who has sparked controversy in the past for his treatment of inmates, claims the change will save $100,000 annually.

The jails will be replacing meat with soy, Arpaio says.

I await to hear the opinion of our resident degenerate Mr. Angry Chicken :wink:


Lol, that won't even make a dent. The environmental stimulus of being surrounded by people who might at any moment stab or try to rape you will cause your body to produce those hormones in spades almost regardless of sleep or diet.


Wouldn't giving someone a very estrogenic diet including mostly carbs, moodier and therefor less rational in their thinking. Mind you if your in jail stopping or starting social changes through diet would not work because a caged human really has nothing to look forward to if there in there for a long length of time.

Hmm these green beans are great alex maybe I shall not shank you in the kidney today mm yees very fine veggies indeed! The best way to stop violence in prisons is to stop sending violent people to them aha. make them all a gladiator class roman style.


Perhaps - but I've read studies showing that supplementing young prisoners with Fish Oil and multi's dropped their violent crimes by a third.


Wait what? I take that shit. Is it making me less violent? WTF


I doubt highly violent criminals are all that rationally minded to begin with. I would guess they're much more impulse driven.


The reason the sheriff is doing this is to save money, not to reduce violence among prisoners.

I know the OP put that in his post but it needs to be stressed. There is no reason to believe that a lower test level makes you any less of a violent criminal. That all comes from the mind.

I think it is a good idea to save money. IF it curbs violence in some way that is a nice side benefit.


Everyone should take fish oil, I could see it benefiting everyone. What was that favourite author quote thingy, it cures Autism that's a great quote aha. Criminals could also be idiots from the get go or a product of their environment depending what side of the fence your standing on. Knowing a large amount of them they usually do it for quick economical gain instead of having long term solutions, impulsive for sure.


But I agree with the sheriff why waste money on meat for a fucker that is a detriment to society.


you must have missed this. lower T all female chain gang care of Sheriff Joe. mostly DUI's


In the general population? No.

But in the prison population?


To be clear: There are OTHER factors that make a person a violent criminal, but having a high T I believe is ONE contributing factor. One fact that can also be controlled.


seems cruel & unuasual.. that sherifs a douche hes always in the news..he loves spot light.. Jail food is bad enough without going veagan.. If anything it will just piss everyone off


Their environment has more to do with their hostility than their hormones does.

In fact I think if you check most recent research, the association between irritability and hostility is correlated with LOW testosterone, not high.

Think about how inefficient it would've been for the human race if every high T motherfucker had no control over his temper. We wouldn't have gotten very far at all.

Change their environment and their culture I guarantee it will have a bigger impact on their behavior than suppressing their hormones.


Yeah, which just goes to prove what I have said all along about "roid rage". I have always thought that "rages" happened mostly in people that were very poor at managing their levels when using and were letting themselves rapidly bottom out after a cycle. That and "roid rage" is actually an excuse for guys who were already assholes just to be bigger assholes because their "raging" (think frat boy type here).


Not saying it's a perfect solution, but within the prison inmate population, generally the higher the T, the more violent the behaviour.


As I said earlier, I believe high T is one contributing factor.

There's other things effecting these guys that do not effect high T guys in the general population.


Nothing will work to reduce prison violence. Nothing.

The tension on the yard, on the tier, in a cell, knowing shit can jump off at any time is why these guys are on edge.

I saw a guy get beaten for taking an extra glass of orange juice. This was no special OJ, just some shit in a bottle that said "orange juice" on the label.


Yeah what he said lol^


Got any studies that show this association?

Violent behavior is learned, and emulated. Change their environments so they are less likely to resort to violent behavior just to get by.

Seriously the American prison system is fucking retarded, its not really a great mystery why there are so many re-offenders.

It's not a solution at all, it costs money to give them drugs, and there is no solid evidence to suggest those drugs will lower violent behavior. And if that is the goal, why try to lower their testosterone, which probably won't have much of a notable outcome at all? Why not just pump them full of sedatives?

Because that would be cruel and unusual punishment?