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Lower T Dose, More Acne

HI Guys,

I haven’t posted in a bit but I have been on an average of 180mg a week (120mg every 5 days) and acne has been ok on my back and shoulders. My e2 is perfect without arimidex at this dose and stays between 22-28. I recently lowered dose to 110 every 5 days and am breaking out like crazy!!

Any reason you could think of. I know fluctuations cause acne but maybe my body is producing a bit of t naturally at this dose or something? Every time I took HCG in the past it would give me terribly bad cystic acne.

No explanation. Happened to me as well. Went from 140mg to 105mg and acne got worse. I am guessing it’s the sudden drop in dosing. Now the acne has leveled off a bit but still there.

It is odd. Only thing I can think of is that the body is producing a tiny bit more or a bit less shut down. I don’t know. Interesting though.

Did acne level out to where it was? How long did it take?

Nothing to do with shut down level. Once on TRT, any dose completely shuts you down.

Acne leveled to prior dose. It never went to pre TRT.

I believe both of us are taking (especially your dose) more than we ever produced naturally, even in our teenage hormonal peaks. For me, even during those times, I had zero acne, none at all. Now at 33 I am breaking out. I simply have more test than I ever had. I am considering dropping down to 84mg/week.

Reviving an old post. But I have way more acne now, going from 100 mg once a week to 40 mg twice a week. I wonder why? Shouldn’t levels be more stable now?

You are 100% shut down, there’s no doubt about it. I always get acne when changing dosages.

Everyone’s so different as well. I get zero acne. Let me take that back. I got 1 small acne bump on my face with my dose change and then it never came back.z