Lower Right Back Pain

Hi I woke up one morning and my lower right side back started to hurt really bad. It started hurting after I took a week off training. Currently this is the 2nd week this been going on. What should I do?

We need more info buddy.

Previous history of injuries? Training history? What type of pain is it? Is there anything you do that makes it better/worse?


Well I have no previous back injury. I been hitting the weight hard the last couple of months doing a workout from the vertical jump bible 2.0. The pain is very sharp especially when I play basketball or when i move my back.

Don’t know anything about that workout, though I do know plenty of people struggle with back issues from diving into a jump routine that is too strenuous.

In my personal experience with back soreness and issues with fellow training partners, the problem is often (of course, not always) in the opposite glute. In your case, I would guess that your left glute is weak and/or lacking mobility. Check out any number of hip mobility routines and see if you are getting equal range of motion on each side. There are a lot out there, DeFranco’s Agile 8 is a popular one.

If you do find this is an issue for you, I enjoy bridges and single leg deadlifts for strengthening the weak glute. Start with a few sets of 4-5 reps on the weak side and 2-3 reps on the strong side. Don’t do this forever, but a few weeks can start to make a difference.