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Lower/Right Back Pain

Hey, two months ago, I was doing my usual trap workout which i had been previously increasing in weight. In about 4-5 months, I went from a 275 Lb shrug to a 455 Lb shrug. It was going ok. I was not lifting the weight higher every week, I even took some weeks off on doing my traps. One day though, about two months ago, i was doing the usual trap workout and felt some sort of pain in my lower right side of my back. I stopped working out that day and moved onto something else thought the pain was just really mild. The next day I did Leg presses and felt the same pain, but it was still mild. I decided the next week to not do my thighs or traps, but when i went back to DO the same exercises the next week i felt the same pain.

In the two months i have had this uncomfortable pain in my lower back. It is not really painful, but quite mild. The only problem is that withing this two months i have taken a total of about 3-4 weeks of on and off because of the pain and have not been able to work out my hardest. I was getting quite relief last week when the pain seem to be going away, but when i did a running session in incline in the treadmill the pain came back. I believe that it truly is not something great because of the amount of pain, but the discomfort has taken me off some of my favorite exercises and has led me to miss a lot of days of the gym. The pain is only mild, but seems to not go away, so i have not been able to work out my traps, or thighs or even some of my back. I need to know how to make it go away.

leg press sucks balls for anyone with lower back pain.

there are lots of threads/posts about lower back pain, lots of them.

yea, leg presses, squats, t bar rows and alot of other exercises that are mass building and one of my favorites. That is why i want the pain to go away. SO i can go back to these exercises, obviously more cautious now.

Many lower back problems come from the weakness of the glutes. I’m not implying you have weak glutes, but I suggest you read this article which really changed my opinion on the glutes.

I actually was told by someone that i may have weak glutes, but before this happen to me i worked them out good. I had very strong thighs and glutes. I believe the nature of it was more of a muscle imbalance due to the fact that at the beginning, i did work on my lower back, but for a long time i stopped and this injury has made me focus more on strengthening the lower back, but i want it to heal so i can get back normally to the gym.