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Lower Reps Easier Than Higher Reps

But, the thought of lower reps being easier than higher reps is just mindgames. What is cluster sets? Low reps that become high reps/volume? I still think that this discussion is based on a lazy argument. Get real and push them weights harder for conditioning!

I dunno. There is something about near max that also really takes it out of you. It might only be 3-5 reps, but they definitely takes it out of me.

Granted, the metabolic range stuff also takes its toll, and the last few sets of like 10x10 type rep schemes will burn your soul. It’s just different.

I can do metabolic/higher rep and push it to or near failure, but near max stuff just devastates me.

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Oh wait, do we mean REAL high rep sets?


Superb @T3hPwnisher my man

You’re an animal.

All natties need to adopt your mindset and work ethic if they truly want to achieve the results they claim to desire.

Any rep scheme will be successful if the work and passion is there.

Everything else is just bullshit

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Thanks dude. Concur as well. People overcomplicate things in the hope of avoiding hard work.


You jump that shit to another level for sure! Not wanting to appear critical - Do I dare asking your ideas/thoughts/concept behind that many reps in a pump set?

This was a conditioning workout I’d do once a week, with a goal of beating previous rep PRs. Previous best was 251. I did this one on Thanksgiving day, to make room for some chow.


Thanks! I now understand. This is to be considered a conditioning conditioning. One hell of a pump set it certainly was/is! And - What a response to the OP:s initial statement. Yes, lower reps may be easier than higher reps. Ok. Case closed. LOL

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