Lower Quads?

Hello. I would like to add more mass to my lower quads (is there even such a thing?) near the knees while not adding more mass to my hips. Any good suggestions for squat-variants or leg-exercises?

Ass to Grass Squats. Go as narrow on the stance as possible to target the Quad more.

Genetics plays a role in the “lower quad” I am assuming the tear drop muscle? Vastus Medialis (Inner Head). You hit this muscle effectively with deep squatting, Hack squats and lunges.

Leg extension somewhat however it is safer to go heavier (high reps) with Squats to promote growth. The whole leg will develop along with it, you really can not isolate this muscle IMO.

Deep squats and deep leg presses have worked well for my vastus medialis (the lower inside muscle of your thigh) development.

The vastus medialis connects at the inside of the knee; the vastus lateralis connects on the outside of the knee. I don’t believe you can work the “bottom end” of these muscles without also working the “top end.”

Fortunately, working the quads should not add to your hips; that is (if this is your concern) your hips won’t get wider because you are working the quads.

Squatting with a narrow stance and toes pointed straight ahead tends to put emphasis on the lateralis, while a wider stance with toes pointed outward hits the medialis more.

There is more to building quads/thighs than that–and the Search function can help you pull up articles that tell you more–but this should answer your immediate concern.

Partial squats.

That’s right. I’ve said it. They’re safer then “terminal leg extension”.

hack squats always does it for me, but to be honest i do feel the burn in the tear drop muscle, but i’m not entirely convinced it will noticably re-shap the muscle
good luck

[quote]The Savage wrote:
Leg extension somewhat however it is safer to go heavier (high reps) with Squats to promote growth.[/quote]

Not that squats aren’t safe, but why are they safer than leg extensions? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone getting hurt doing leg extensions.

DEEP front squats…and milk!