Lower Progesterone to Allow DHT & E2 to Work?

Hi all,

Im pretty sure now that the reason trt has stopped working for me is because my progesterone has shot up to the top of the limit. Is there any way to lower these levels please?

70mg enanthate e/d injections

I have
Cold/numb genitals
no libido
emotional blunting/anhedonia

Oestradiol 81 41 - 159 pmol/L
Testosterone 24.10 8.64 - 29 nmol/L
Free-Testosterone(Calculated) H 0.684 0.2 - 0.62 nmol/L
Dihydrotestosterone L 1.00 1.14 - 4.13 nmol/L ^2
SHBG 18 18.3 - 54.1 nmol/L
Prolactin 267 86 - 324 mU/L
DHEA-Sulphate H 11.90 2.41 - 11.6 umol/L
Progesterone H 0.8 <0.474 nmol/L New range
Pregnenolone* 0.93 <2.5 µg/L ^6
Cortisol (Random) 390.0 6am - 10am 113 - 456 nmol/L
4pm - 8pm 58 - 278
Midnight <64

E2 opposes progesterone, right? Have you tried going to EOD injections or raiding dose a bit to see if you can increase that?

When was the cortisol taken?
Progesterone is made in the adrenal cortex. Dhea and cortisol all from adrenals.

You taking any supplements?

Also your DHEA is over the top of the range. If you’re not taking any supplements I wonder if your adrenals are in overdrive. Especially if you took the cortisol test in the afternoon or evening.

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Im going through a traumatic time in my life at the moment to be fair with extreme stress so it could well be adrenal dysfunction. Symptoms are generally worse upon waking also. The cortisol test was taken in the morning at 10am. Would it be a good idea to take cortisol pm also do you think?
Thanks for the reply

Vit c very good for adrenal support. I believe 500mg 2-3x a day.

If you not taking supplements like dhea , preg, then you know your answer it’s probably the adrenals.

Now if you didn’t have a reason, you did say you have acute stress, then you would do imaging tests on the adrenals to see if you have a tumor pushing out hormones.

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