Lower Pecs?

Please excuse my shitty drawing but to illustrate I have built well in thr red area but not in the green

I have done well in building solid mass on my chest but I am havng trouble with the shape, I do not think there is even such a thing as a ‘lower’ pec but as best as I can describe it, for some reason my training is not hitting that lower part of the pec.

Can anyone please rocomend any good exersizes to hit the ‘lower’ pec please

Dips, man, dips! Weighted ones. Also cable cross-overs.

Time as well and over all thickness. just keeping lifting.

I think the lower part of your pec is just where your fat will accumulate. You have to have pretty low bodyfat to really have a clear line there – and I mean low like 9% maybe?

If you’re benching heavy and your chest is growing, it’s gotta be there for you, just not as visible.

The problem is the red part and the green part of your picture are part of the same muscle…pectoralis major. Look up an anatomy picture. If you don’t like the shape, the best exercise is to go compain to your parents, it’s their fault…genetically speaking.

Definetly dips and decline dumbell presses. Dumbells will give you shape.

thanks a lot for the advice, i will definately add more dips and dumbell press’s to my routine cheers

its all one muscle man, your not going to beable to spot reduce fat or spot add in muscle to that area. just drop some body fat and keep pounding out chest exersizes

If it?s a body fat % issue then definably drop some body fat and you will see that lower line. If its an exercise selection issue then proceed with weighted dips, decline presses (dumbbell and barbell) and cable cross over?s standing up straight.

Genetically speaking you may be predisposed to having a shape that does not please you but it is possible to emphasise that area through direct work. The chest has an abdominal part which stems from the anterior layer of the upper rectus sheath , which can add some thickness to that area. The pec itself is a fan shaped muscle and is affected through different directions of pull, hence the shape! So use the exercises mentioned in this thread and see what happens?

The pec major is comprised of the clavicular head and the sternal head. These can be prioritised over each other depending on the exercise performed.

I second the cable fly suggestion (decline).

Cheers guys, very helpful indedd appreciate it

[quote]bigg mike wrote:
Dumbells will give you shape.[/quote]

Dumbbells will definitely not give you any more shape compared to a barbell bench press. Shape comes with a low bodyfat%, and also depends on how much actual muscle mass your chest has.