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Lower Pec Outline

Regardless of my weight or degree of muscularity I seem to always carry excess fat deposits in my lower pec and under my arms down to the lower armpit. My body is a fairly lean 180. I am hypoglycemic and a year ago plan commenced on a 5-6 small meals a day with care to proteins, carb amts. and types etc. I have leaned down nicely and my workouts are gradually improving.

Long question…sorry…but other than lipo (which I am not considering) I know I need to primarily conguer this with diet…but I am getting adverse to doing any pec work. I need to better shape the lower pec outline and not overdevelop the lower pec. I have a totally fused right wrist with titanium bar inserted. How do I do this? Appreciate any assistance

[quote]switters3023 wrote:
How do I do this? [/quote]

You schedule a consultation with a doctor or plastic surgeon and determine whether you have gyno or just excess fat that needs to be lost. The former will need surgery (liposuction). No one can tell whether you do or not over the internet with no detailed pictures.

I did more research here for more similar beginner’s posts. I found some meaningful responses. I will continue with diet, intense workouts, less benches/declines and see what I am left with…great site.

I don’t know to what degree your body fat stores are in the lower pec and armpit pec region, but I used to have a similar problem.

As a FFB, When I first started training I gained size and strength quickly but had a hard time losing the bodyfat. I dieted properly, trained hard and my whole body responded with nice muscular definition and a great loss in bodyfat. The only issue I had was the fat stored near my armpit and under my chest. It wasn’t out of control but it was enough to be frustrating that the area was not up to par with the rest of my body. This was after about 2 years of training and dieting.

I’ve had clients with similar problems as well. The solution for me was to keep plugging away and I’ll be damned if about 2 years later my chest caught up. I don’t know if it was because I carried fat there for so long or that its one of the tougher places to develop muscle and define. But I did realize that you can’t define your lower pecs and and armpit area if you don’t have lower pecs to pronounce.

My advice, keep training hard, don’t get frustrated and be patient, this is under the assumption that you haven’t been training a very long time or that your fat reserves in your chest aren’t at a ridiculous level. Otherwise a DR. consult may be necessary.

Thank you for the thoughtful advice…I am 58. I have lifted on and off for 45 years. I steroids at 17 years of age. I developed fat deposits in pecs and underarms. I have weighed up to 225 and down to 165 and still had fat deposits. Nothing terrible just enough to look puffy even when muscular elsewhere.

I have only recently really started watching my diet and lifting heavy again…as much as I can with fused writst…I will keep at it…not into body building so much but still vain enough to want to get rid of it once and for all. Again thanks for encouragement and example. Take care.