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Lower Pec Fat


Ive been weight training for awhile, and my upper pecs have gotten alot bigger and more defined but my lower pec is lagging.
theres fat still hanging there and it makes me self-concious about it.

Is decline bench neccessary for this, because i heard theres same result from regular bench. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated

i used to be 240lbs, now im 197lbs.
im at phase III of Cw's next frontier. and im doing cardio 4-5 times a week for about 3 weeks so far.


Hope somebody has an answer for him, i'll have the same problem once i hit below 200lbs


Your upper pectoral MUSCLE isn't bigger than the lower one is it? It's usually the other way around. If it is, I need to start doing what you're doing.

You may just store fat there.

Do you have any gyno symptoms?


in my opinion decline benches are usually redundant if your'e doing flat bench pressing/dips. Maybe you should just focus on losing some more body fat, ithink some people ar more prone to story fat in ther chest/stomacharea then others


Lose fat and get better posture.

Losing fat will eliminate the problem, imporving your posture so your shoulders are pulled back will help with the situation as far as appearance is concerned.


how lean are you?
If you are upper teens or greater, lose more, if below, might this just be your area?


i hope you are talking about your upper pec and meaning the clavicular head of your pec muscle and when you say lower you mean the sternal head, because if you are dividing your sternal head into upper and lower, thats totally wrong. you cant spot reduce, why does everyone always try to spot reduce?

honestly, you wont fall for those ab roller commericals saying you can melt the fat off by doing some crunches, but then you come on here asking what exersize will get rid of the fat off of a certain part of you body.....

in closing, you dont have an upper and lower pec, and you cant spot reduce fat, just cut fat from all over you body and your tits will shrink


Thanks...you save me from the typing. Good post.


Some males experience more estrogenic hormaones than others during puberty. The reasons for this are endless, ask TC. Anyhoo, You might have a deposit of brest flesh right under your nipple that is because of estro brest growth during puberty. I knew a guy w/ this problem and he worked his chest to no end and was lean as (all 6 abs). he had to get it surgically removed. But he lives in sweden where it's free so shitty for you if you live in the states. But get lower in BF% before you worry about estro-boobs. maybe Alpha Male or yohimbe would reduce it in this case, I don't know.