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Lower Pec Advice


Hey guys,I have a problem herewith my chest,you see ive been working ithard for the past 2 months and its finally starting to get defined its only that one thing worries me,on the lower/mid part of my pecs the muscle is dissapearing,and I feel a slight discomfort in that area andby dissapearing i mean something like this http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/4548/300fh.jpg

now imnot comparing mysalf to leonidas dotn get me wrong ;D its just that its the closest explenation,ive asked for advice onit already and ive been told its genetic and i couldnt notice that the muscle was there before,but this isnot the caseit was there and icould feel it and than slowly over a period of time it started dissapearing,im really really worried please help me!


Ok first of all.... What are your stats? Height, weight, years training, best lifts.

Then post a picture of YOUR ACTUAL CHEST if you want some sort of critique on it.


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Sooo as you're working hard to get it defined I suppose you're dieting?
From the tone of your post you're probably 5'9",125lbs, so I suggest you start by bulking and actually building some muscle, then your chest won't disappear.


what does my height and weight and the tone of my post have to do with my question?dont take one thing and turn it into another buddy im not here for critiques im here for help,if you cant help simply dont reply.


Fine, I won't reply.


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you're not going to do very well on this site.

I asked a basic and standard question to get some background info about your training. You're obviously very small and your "lower chest disappearing" more than likely has to do with your lack of muscle mass wolfybro




5'11 160+ bf% is def not low and that still wont help in any way,as i said i felt discomfort in the area,i was actually considering puting ice onmy chest cos it felt pretty weird/bad,hope that tosses away your alck of muscle idea so the real problem can be looked at.


5'11" 160 and bodyfat that is "def not low".... How does that toss away my lack of muscle idea? That pretty much confirms the lack of muscle issue.

I'm going to give you honest feedback though even though, with all due respect, you're being a bit of a whiney bitch right now:

What were you doing that caused your chest pain? If your pecs are hurting then you can put ice on it if you'd like. It would help reduce any swelling if you had some sort of trauma (like dropping the bar on your chest or bouncing it off of your chest while benching)

EDIT: after re reading your initial post I thought of another idea. Maybe you are leaning out a bit and one of the places that the fat is coming from is your lower chest or "man boobs"... a lot of men store their fat in that area and maybe thats whats happening to you? In that case it would be a good sign that you're losing BF and it just happens to leave from your lower chest first.


What is about to happen to you in the next few posts is going to be brutal..Just prepare yourself.

When I was 160 at 5'11, I was tiny.


Yeah that is small. I'm 5'11" and was 213 in the gym yesterday... I still think I'm small lol

I gave some legit advice in my previous post along with asking a few more questions for clarification... so we'll see how he responds.


the amount of douchebagery on here actually made me lol,i honestly dont need your advice if you intend to spit it in my face.im out of here,take care guys :))

PS:could u guess my arms measurments by the tone of this post?ahahaha


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