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Lower/Outer Pec Region


Im really not a beginner to lifting...but this is a newbie type question so im posting it here. Im talking about the area from the armpits down to below the nipple. Although i have a decent build (compared to average people), this is an area of my chest that is pretty undefined for me...whereas the inner portion for me looks better. Is this just a body fat issue? Or is there something i may be neglecting? For the record I do bench with more of a narrower grip on flat...and never do declines. Could that be an issue?

I work out at home and have no access to cables (in case someone was going to suggest that)


dumbbell pullovers work really well ( for me anyway )


haha that's weird to hear. the outer region of my chest is much more developed than the inner portion of my chest.

maybe we should be workout buddies for a few weeks? lol


reverse grip dips


You hit the nail on the head right there. Narrow grip bench with no arch is usually triceps dominant, with assistance from the front delts and inner pecs.

Try benching with a decent arch (if you don't already) and a wide grip to hit the outer and lower fibers better. Declines are good, too. They'll hit the inner fibers of the lower pecs a little harder.


wide grip bench press


Wide grip dips, lean forward.