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Lower My Own Testosterone


I am currently taking lg sciences trifecta set ( methyl 1-d, mmv3, and formadrol).i am currently about to take my last week on the methyl 1-d and mmv3 then I start the formadrol for 4 to 5 weeks. my question is i am intersted in going to my doc to get my test levels checked, by taking what i'm on would my natural levels be high at this point and secondly is there anyway to naturally lower your levels before testing. any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


No idea about the fancy shit youre taking.

About the second question. Naturally? You can try binge drinking regularly. Consuming mass quantities of refined soy products. Consume heavy metals. Smoke pot constantly.

But a safer and more effective method would be to inject testosterone for about 4 weeks. Then wait a few more weeks as the level of the drug fall. The idea would be to suppress your own production then get your T level tested as your natural production is suppressed but also after much of the injected drug has cleared the system. Obviously not a natural approach though.


test prop would work well.


That's basically the answer. However, you could take finaplix, winstrols for a week before the test to the day of the test. Some steroids arent recognized on tests, it matters on the steroids and tests though.