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Lower Leg Pain



Alright, well this issue has been going on for about a year now, and has basically been staying the same. I believe I had injured my Peroneus Brevis on my right leg while stretching. I was down in a squatting position up on the balls of my feet trying to stretch my ankles (trying to stretch to keep my heels on the ground when squatting), and really putting on pressure to try, and stretch my ankles out to get my heels to stay on the ground.

I then start to get this weird feeling around my ankles, and the Peroneus Brevis area. So I got up, and felt around the area, and felt that there was a little lump there. To tell you the truth, I really didn't think nothing of it, and just continued with my stretching, but I didn't put as much pressure on it.

So I would say a couple of training session's later, I went back to that stretch, and started to put pressure back on the ankle. I started getting that weird feeling again while stretching, but this time when I was stretching I felt a slight pop come from the Peroneus Brevis area. I got up, and felt the area, and now noticed that there was a bigger lump there now. You can clearly feel it. So I stopped doing that stretch, and didn't even train for about 2 weeks trying to see if it would go down. While I didn't train I noticed when I was walking, it felt like I was walking on the side of my foot.

When I went back to training, and was doing squats, I noticed that it felt like I was squatting on the side of my foot, my ankle feels tight, the area where the lump is feels tight, and my ankle feels off balance. Also was now experiencing knee pain. If I was to raise up on the balls of my feet, I can feel some pain where the lump is. So after awhile of trying to train with the pain, I couldn't squat anymore. Well its been about a year since then, and the lump, and the tightness is still there.

Didn't mean to type so much, its just that this is really bothering me, and I really want to get back to squatting. I was wanting to know if anybody knew what is going on?