Lower Leg Pain AFTER Squatting

Hi guys, I’ve been noticing a pain in my lower legs after squatting. It goes from just below the knee joint on the outside of my leg to about half way down, feels as though my knee is going to crack or something.

I don’t get any pain when squatting with weights on my back, I tend to only feel the pain on bodyweight squats or squats with just the bar.

When I got home earlier I did just a single bodyweight squat to see how it felt and had to sit down at the bottom because the pain on the outside of my lower knee/top of shin was so intense!

Any ideas what it could be, and why I don’t get it when squatting with weights? I thought it might be something to do with the weight on my back forcing different muscles to take the load as apposed to the ones used with body weight squats.

Thanks in advance

I’ve got this exact problem, I’ve just posted a thread on it…Ive done it quite bad though I was squatting heavy and fucked it somehow and Ive been lifting nearly 5 years now and my form is spot on :confused: so yeah walking up/down stairs is painful as fuck now and I can’t train legs atm. I’ve looked all over the net and there is fuck all on it… its either a small stress fracture within the bone or I’ve stretched the tendon that attaches the quad to the shin bone