Lower Left Abdominal Pain

Hi there,
I recently completed two bodybuilding shows, in early October.

After the shows, about a week after, I’ve had pain / discomfort in the lower left abdominal area. I basically started eating more calories, higher fat food, but nothing overboard. i’m up to my pre contest weight of a little over 200 lbs (20 lb gain in 3-4 weeks)

-Pain or discomfort mainly there after eating. I eat and if I don’t move around, no pain. If I get up and start walking and doing things after eating, then i feel it
-I had it the other night, but started to subside, even when I was walking
-There is no pain when i exercise
-I feel it when I strain when pooping. I’m not constipated though

The doctor has ordered an ultasound, since it’s not going away.

It’s just weird. Pain after eating, especially when I have a lot of liquids. No pain when exercising.