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Lower Lats Are My Weak Link


I need a workout to strengthen the lower part of my lats.


do you care to elaborate on your statement?


how do u know they're your weakest link? your weakest link for what?


when I do deads near my max for sets one of my lower lats always feels like it gets pulled, i dont feel any pain while im lifting but after im done I get a sharp pain in my lower lats

I can always get rid of the pain if I ice it immeadiately


I've always heard that pullups/pulldowns with a close grip works your lower lats and wide grip works the upper lats.


i've heard that too.


Keep lifting. You may just need to let them get beat up and get stronger over time. Do pull ups and pull downs too.


Training your lower lats is a super advanced technique. You really want to research it before you create a specialized program, you would not want to hurt yourself.


How do you figure? If it's as simple as hand placement on a chin-up bar, I don't see much risk there.


If you're feeling that your lats are your weak point in your deadlift then solving this weakness is REALLY FUCKING SIMPLE.

You need to do 2 exercises:

1) Weighted Chin-ups [6-8 Reps]
2) Dumbbell Rows [15-30 Reps]

Go balls out on these exercises. Use straps so you can work your back more effectively. Pretend your 6RM Chin or your 20RM Dumbbell Row is more important than your Max Bench Press.

Use any Chin-up Grip you want. Just use the one you're strongest with. If you have a shoulder-width, neutral grip available then that's probably the strongest one. In fact you might not even need straps if you can use such a chinning bar.

Happy Pulling.


Yeah, really.


Some people need to readjust their sarcasm radars.