Lower Hamstring Pain from Jump Roping

Ive been doing 5/3/1 with jump roping as a part of my warmup lately. i love it, but this week ive developed a strange painin the lower part of my right hamstring. it gets aggravated when i do the jump roping. i have a rather inneficient jump, constantly tucking my legs and going im sure higher than necessary on each jump. the only thing i can figure is the area is developing an overuse pain since for 500 jumps a day, im curling back my legs.

i read how i need to drop my arms and let the wrists do the work, as well as hop more straight legged and get less air, so im going to begin trying that. for now though, i guess im just curious if anyone else has ever experienced this. i can do jumping jacks or something else for a warmup until it subsides, but it sucks cuz i sure do love me some jump rope now! Lol