Lower Estrogen With No AI

I just hit six weeks after starting TRT and am awaiting blood work results from Dr. Before Starting: 74 SHBG, 51 Free test, 483 TTL. Dose: 165 mg test cyp per week, pinned once per week. No HCG, No AI.

I’m seeing a few signs of higher e: slight water retention, a tiny bit of acne on my neck, libido leveling off and morning wood waning.

I don’t what to take an AI. Is there a protocol to lower E naturally? ie/ DIM, lemon water, diet, etc…? Will E come in line on it’s own in a few more weeks/months?

You can try all that stuff but usually it just takes some time. I get a little acne whenever I change my protocol. Same with water retention. You are introducing a whole bunch of new stuff to your body for it to get used to so give it some time.

You need to split your doses up and decrease total weekly dosage by 15%, T-cypionate causes spikes in testosterone and estrogen, smaller injections lowers these spikes and lowers estrogen. You’ll have to play around and see what works best for you, if it comes to it you could always inject EOD, I would expect estrogen to be even lower on this protocol.

You can inject twice weekly, I expect estrogen to feel as if higher by weeks 7-8.

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Get a blood test done and get your values. My sides slowly went away. What’s odd is my nipples still get a little sensitive 10 mins after I apply my dose and up to 1hr after …:

Labido has slowly come back…but I messed with my dose and frequency to achieve this. Need bloods though.

You and I have very similar test and SHBG numbers. And I also am 6 weeks in to TRT and just got first labs done Thursday. am also injecting 160 a week, however mine is split into 2 doses. So far I am experiencing zero high E side effects. In fact I am hoping to bump my volume up to 200 a week, going to the doc this week.

I eat a ton of cruciferous veggies, that may help keep my E in check. Tag me when you get your labs this week. I will post mine Monday or Tuesday when they are available.

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Yes they do help from what I’ve read, but you probably don’t need too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if your body jsut handles estrogen well. I think after 6-12 months we will know for sure . Until then I think the body is going to keep changing and getting more efficient, healthier and leaner…