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Lower Estrogen Increase Testosterone


Anybody ever had any success in lowering estrogen and increasing testosterone naturally?

Through diet manipulation, like adding or removing certain foods?

Types of exercise?

Sleeping patterns etc?




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Already tried, they tend to get jealous and all that for some reason :slightly_smiling:

On a serious note, if your lifting is more explosive and low reps (e.g. 3-5) this increases testosterone.

Dietwise, for me, when saturated fats are high, my testosterone seems high? Get better pumps/recovery/sex drive etc.


Cool ^^ might be worth a try.


Depends. I've never had bloodwork done, but

D-Aspartic Acid and Alpha Male gave 'solid anecdotal' testosterone increase, especially in the morning.

Bushy also contributed to a recent thread in nutrition about this: he suggested milled flax seeds and vitamin c.


you mean like avoiding soy??


Supposedly white mushrooms are an anti-aromatase, as well as broccoli. Zinc and vitamin c as well. Be sure to take your zinc with magnesium.

Also see :http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/conservativedog#myForums/thread/4791096/





I started taking it 3 weeks ago, and although I haven't had my blood levels checked, my libido is definitely up a few notches.

Oh, and my arms are up 1/4" (this is more likely due to a change in routine).


TC did an article a while back that went over this. I'm thinking it was something about foods that have medicinal like properties. List included broccoli, blueberries, cauliflower, brussels... I think.


Pretty good info so far, think i may stick with the porn..... tribulus might be worth a shot as well




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-if you have a wife or girl don't let her nag you too much w/ tasks and bullshit, a women living in your ass puts pressure on the prostate, good for big spraying loads, bad for T.

-don't have kids being a dad lowers your T.

-porn is good but better is actual fucking.

-don't be a fat ass w/ man titties, the bigger your gut the less responsive your prick will be, also look in the mirror, would you want fuck you? if the answer is no then add -1000 to your T-levels.

-increase in fats. eat red meat, rest, then fuck things.

-eat veggies like broccoli and such to increase blood flow and T.

-even if you are too old/too responsible to fight...either join a martial art or at very least have your best friend punch you in the fucking eye once in a while.

-don't be around kids or babies, they sap your strength. when in their presence your biochemistry shifts lowering your T-levels to ensure that you don't kill them just to them fuck and impregnate their mom again.

-ride a motorcycle

-own a fast car or powerful truck not a prius or eco-friendly cock melter.

-grow a big fucking beard, if you're not a handsome or confident enough guy this might slow down your ability to be fucking but if you can pull it off you're biker caveman T will increase x1000.

-read and watch cool books and movies, about other men who have kicked ass and fucked many before you. Eat. Pray, Love will not help your T. getting your pole smoked in the theater during this movie while julia roberts gabs on might though.

-Have a big dog like a shepherd...let him keep his balls, be kind yet firm w/ him, go on many walks, learn from him as you teach him stuff.

-shoot guns and own guns in your home to kill others if they ever try to break in and hurt you, your loved ones, or try to steal your stuff. not letting the government take over or decide shit for you, defending your rights increases your T.

-take naps and big shits.

-stay hydrated.


LOL Cyrus!


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Solid advice Cyrus. Ive also heard cabbage helps lower or regulate estrogen levels: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jf000164z