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Lower Estro with Test?

hey guys, I was wondering if this shoulder dislocate (2nd time, been 5 days and 100% mobility but Im sure delts, traps and rhombs need tlc now) mid cycle of test probe and Masteron if I could still stay on a lower dose of test prop just to enable protein synthesis for muscle repair but also still drop my estrogen levels via nolvadex and arimidex during the light hiatus?

Id like to drop estro levels before going official with deca, eq and test just for a couple weeks as to not stop what Ive got in motion. I was doing 400ml test prop and 600 ml masteron. Im prepared to alleviate masteron for a couple weeks to heal but again, would like to keep protein synthesis in effect I.e. test prop. Is there any way to drop estro while on t prop?

You cant drop estrogen with nolva, its a serm not an AI, Arimidex will work though.

Dont drop estrogen too much cause it can hinder gains, but I dunno how relative this is to your scenario.