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Lower Dose or Enjoy Symptom Relief?

Just got my bloodwork back and numbers are high , currently taking 220 mg a week of test cyp pinned Ed , at this protocol I have dropped anxiety meds and have a great sense of well being and confidence but nothing dramatic , libido is good and everything is great in the bedroom my numbers are 1655 total test with 1100 being high and free t running 400 with I think 200 being high , this was done at quest , estrogen is 47 with 40 being high but I know doc is gonna want to lower dose but I hate losing this feeling of no anxiety, not sure what to do ?

Not sure this is a true dichotomy LOL. I am guessing you could lower a bit and still feel good.

If you are okay with the risk, what many people do is lower their injection or skip an injection before blood work is drawn. Then you will have lower numbers, and the Dr will keep you at that dose so long as your other parameters like hematocrit look good.

I guess if you were going to do this, I don’t see why you would even bother with a Dr. (other than the legal aspects).

Yeah really just unsure about the risk but damn it’s nice with no anxiety, probly just gonna go with what the doc says

Those numbers aren’t crazy. I’d go with it. Skip a dose before testing or something if you have to play the doctor game

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It is nice feeling this way , never dreamed my numbers would have been this high , I’ve been as high as 240 a week pinning two shots and numbers weren’t this high , Ed def makes a difference

Your peak test is lower now, but your trough is higher. That is what more frequent pinning will do for you.

As long as your testosterone doesn’t drop low, I don’t expect your anxiety to return. I would keep a trough levels above 500 ng/dL or a FT above 18 pg/mL (10-25.5)

Don’t we all have a goal to be symptom free? Looks like you may have found the dose for you that achieves that.

Running test a little higher has got to be healthier than anxiety meds , nobody really knows what they do long term

How long have you been on this dose? The honeymoon period wears off after your body get accustomed to the higher test. Have you tried a lower dose for symptom resolution?

Been about 6 months and yes every time I lower my dose anxiety creeps back in

Just explain to your doc why you want to stay where you’re at. If after hearing your reasoning he still wants to lower it, and can’t provide a good reason other than “too high” start looking for a new doc to manage your treatment.

If your other markers aren’t out of whack, I think you can make a good case for staying where your at, but some docs are obstinate.

Getting set up at a t-clinic isn’t difficult, but even those sometimes have their way of doing things that may not jive with what you want. So shop around it may take talking with several docs/clinics to find the right one for you.

Good luck