Lower Dosages of ZMA?

Hey I get bad acne from taking 3 caps of ZMA so I was wondering if I would still get some benefits by only taking 1? It is a brilliant supp, greatly increases my sense of general wellbeing and my quality of sleep and so I’m hoping that by taking a lower dosage my acne won’t flare up. So if you have any experience with the issue please chime in.

Personally for cost purposes I have been taking only 2 caps instead of 3 to make it last 45 days instead of 30, and no I’m not a women.

I still notice vivid dreams and good sleep but I have added a cap of DMAE, real cheap and an ingredient in Power Drive. I’m suprised you have gotten acne from just the ZMA, sure it isn’t a combination of factors including training.

You may want to consider other possible causes as I have never experienced this nor have I heard of ZMA causing acne.

Doubt it’s the ZMA. I mean, it’s not gear or anything of the sort.

If anything, the zinc should help your skin.

Yeah I find this a bit strange, I am 24 and have a bit of acne and one of the reasons I take ZMA consistently is the benefits the zinc has helping to keep my skin clear. I’d look at other things that might be causing it, ie. stress, cut milk out of your diet, wash face no more than twice a day and use a toner etc.

There was an article on here a while ago where Berardi interviewed some guy on healthy skin which had some great information. Use the search function to see if you can find it.